The National Ecological Institute of South Korea recently released plans for a large-scale nature reserve complete with an incredible series of eco domes, an education center, and an environmental think-tank. Designed by SAMOO, the Ecorium Project will be a striking environmental center comprising thousands of acres of open space in addition to greenhouses and a visitor center. Much like the Eden Project in the UK, the Ecorium Project will serve to educate people about nature, and provide a space for study of the world’s eco-systems and how best to protect them.

ecorium1The Ecorium Project comprises a 33,000 sq meter nature reserve including a large wild plant area and a wetland reserve. In the center of the park is a large system of interlinking wedge-shaped greenhouses. These greenhouses will feature advanced systems capable of adjusting the internal conditions based on the outside climatic conditions in order to minimize energy usage indoors. The exterior of each greenhouse is built out of metal panels, low-iron and low-e double glazing, as well as wood and plexiglass. Seen from above the greenhouses will appear as a sinuous river.

ecorium2The purpose of the National Ecological Institute is to study nature’s converging eco-systems while ensuring the safety, stability and the harmonious coexistence of humans and nature. A spokesperson for the NEI says, “The NEI will play a important role as a think tank for research and policy making. Additionally, this institution will foster and nurture the general public’s awareness, educate and [promote] the importance of the environment through exhibitions and education programs.


Source:  Inhabitat.

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