Events take a heavy toll on our resources, society and the environment. They can generate significant waste, put a strain on local resources like water or energy, or even ignite tensions in local communities. With ISO 20121 you can make your event sustainable, no matter its type or size.

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How does it work?

ISO 20121 offers guidance and best practice to help you manage your event and control its social, economic and environmental impact. Every action counts, from relying on tap water instead of plastic bottles to encouraging use of public transport. You might find that it also helps you cut unnecessary costs.

ISO 20121’s flexible approach means that it can be used for all types of events, from music festivals to school outings.

The standard has been developed with input from many different stakeholders, including representatives from the event industry, to make it practical and useful. It addresses all stages of an events’ supply chain, and includes monitoring and measuring guidelines.

Who is it for ?

If you are involved in the event industry in any way, this standard is for you. ISO 20121 has been successfully used for all types of events, from music festivals to school outings.



Why are standards important to consumers? Have you ever wondered why you can use your bank card anywhere in the world? Or noticed that your baby’s toy has no sharp edges?

It is because they comply with standards – technical specifications codified into voluntary agreements.

Standards often define the characteristics of products and services. They are developed in an open process, reflecting the views of many stakeholders including technical experts, government representatives and consumers. The more active consumers are in developing standards, the more likely it is that products and services meet their needs – a win-win situation for both the consumer and manufacturers or service providers.

International Standards also help support basic consumer rights, such as the right to safety and the right to be informed.