Mineral nutrition of plants represents the most impotrant segment of plant production. The proper nutrition
means that the plant has on its disposal a sufficient quantity of all sorts of feed, optimal soil pH, content of humus, the
proper water regime. Each sort of plants has specific requirements regarding nutrients. The requirements of plants
acording to nutrients change depending on the stage in which the plant is. The optimum of nutrition means that the plant
has available quantities of nutritions in line with current needs. At first, deficiencies of nutrients are manifested with
the initial symptoms of deficiency, chlorosis, absence of chlorophyll, while serious deficiencies produce stunted plants,
non resistant of disease, and all resulting in a reduction of yield and fruit quality. Also, surplus of nutrients is reflected
negative on the development of plants, because in that case the unwanted processes in developments of plants are
stimulated or it could cause antagonism of the adoption of the other nutrition elements.

Autors: . Nataša Ademi

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