Competition in the world food market is constantly increasing during this century.

It is present in all the fields and primarily in the field of innovations in food supply, shorter periods of development and creation of new values, shorter product life cycles, aggressive competition on price, quality and production differentiation. One thing competitors particularly insist on is finding new and better ways to respond to higher and higher demands of consumers of agricultural products and foodstuffs. Thus, initiative and quick response to the changes of performances of the world market are of key importance for development of domestic agroindustrial sector.

Food safety is becoming a strategic aim of the countries all over the world. This is why the production of safe food has become one of the developing priorities in many countries. There are numerous factors that imperil food safety and production. Increase in international food trade contributes to satisfaction of various economic and social needs. On the other hand, it can cause rapid spread of infections and diseases all over the world, which is why everyone, including food producers, growers, processors, distributors and consumers are bound to reach standards of food quality and safety. The priority in this process is defining a strategy when it comes to food, determining priorities in meeting quality, safety and sufficiency demands, and an opportunity to find these foodstuffs in the world market.

R. Stefanović  at all.

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