Biodiversity is the overall diversity of form and function of plant and animal species, between species, between different species and ecosystems.

In order to harmonious co-existence between man and nature, it is Protecting biodiversity means the preservation and restoration of degraded ecosystems, natural habitats and all species of  flora and fauna.
use of the rational use of natural resources, which does not cause degradation of biodiversity, and maintain that level of biodiversity resources, which meets the needs of present and future generations.
Genetic diversity
means diversity of species on the planet and the genetic information of all kinds of living beings, characterized by a specific, unique genetic combinations.
Species diversity
is the total number of organic species in all ecosystems on the planet since the beginning of life.
Ecosystem diversity
is the total diversity of habitats and flora and fauna and ecological processes in the biosphere.

Previous experience in the protection of biodiversity have shown that without adequate habitat protection  no adequate protection of biodiversity on the species and genetic level. Therefore, concepts for the protection of habitat allocated bidoiverziteta as the basic unit of protection.

Habitat is a community of plants, animals and other members Biocenoses, which together with abiotic factors (soil, climate, water quantity and quality, etc..) represents a single functional unit.

The main documents that define the fundamental elements in the protection of habitat are:

  • Berne Convention – Council of Europe, Bern, 1972.;
  • Convention on Biological Diversity – CBD – UNCED, Rio de Janeiro, 1992.;
  • H Habitat directives –

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