Growth of world population and enlarged demand for agricultural products, stage of civilization development which is characterized with rapid growth of material production and energetic consumption followed by large rate imperil ness of natural resources, upcoming exhaustion of natural un renewable energy sources and eventual over cross on mass production of biomass as a source of energy, on one hand, and limited surfaces for agricultural production, on other hand, mainly expose need for recultivation of that soil which is due to intensive and often un rational usage lost its own auto regenerative ability. 

Regions in which mineral raw materials are exploited intensively, are under large spatial and soil changes (in Republic of Serbia over the 30% of degraded areas are connected with open pit mining). Typical example of this is company JP RB “Kolubara” and its’ lignite open pit, which is extended on relatively large area of agricultural soil.     

Process of soil return in its’ primarily condition which is suitable for agricultural production, is made by cultivation, or by in taking of organic matter (green mass) into the impoverished substrate of rubbish mining.

During the year of 2007., in above mentioned company, an experiment is set (on going) on test parcel in the abandoned coal pit. Aim of the experiment is reaching of plant spices combination, which will be contributed on most effective way to the recultivation of detected areas, in their transformation into the natural resources good for agricultural production. 

Key words: recultivation, bio-fertilizers, agriculture, sustainable development

Autori: Марко Јелочник, Велибор Потребић, Новица Живковић


  1. Very interesting! I hope it works!

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