Bernard Weber, founder of the „New Open World Corporation“, initiated and organized an international takamičenje held 2007th The selection of new seven wonders of the world . In this competition could have caused part of the building from the beginning of the completed until 2000. year, provided that still exist in an intact condition. Interested had the opportunity to vote by telephone, e_maila, SMS messages or via the website of the organizer.
According to the election of new sedan world wondersare:

  • Taj Mahal (India);
  • Great Wall of China (China);
  • The ancient city of Petra (Jordan);
  • Sculpture of Christ Redeemer (Brazil);
  • Machu Picchu (Peru);
  • Chichen Itza (Mexico);
  • Colosseum (Italy).


  • The organization said that UNESCO has decided not to support this campaign because it believes that it is a media campaign and in Weber’s personal benefit. He also added that the sentimental value is not sufficient for a monument to be included on the list of miracles. UNESCO also claims that the vote is not universal, given that millions of disabled people who do not have Internet access and that the list of candidates is made by kiterijumima who have no educational or scientific nature [2]
  • Some think that the only goal of the project profits (due to, for example, voting by telephone paid) even though Bernard Weber claims that all profits (if any) of this project is intended restoration of monuments.
  • Another criticism of art experts suggest that this competition is the fact that the seven wonders selected by voting, when the artistic value is measured not by vote, especially not people who vote do not have the necessary knowledge of art.
  • Others, however, as the director of Chichen Ice, think that this type of initiative encourages competitiveness and discrimination [3]
  • Some people think of Egypt Pyramids of Giza should not compete with, for example, modern buildings like the Sydney Opera House, and some have even characterized the project as „absurd“ and as a regular promotion of Bernard Weber [4] [5]
  • Many joined the criticism which Unesco has sent in this regard that many were unable to vote because they do not have Internet access, or have no phone, or do not have money to pay to vote [6]. It is added to suspect that a person can vote multiple times.


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3.  La elección de las Nuevas Maravillas del Mundo Fomento la discriminación, Arqueologo dice.

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5.  Sellos de Egipto prohíbe Pirámides como Maravilla del Mundo.

6.  UNESCO marca distancia sobre „Nuevas siete Maravillas del mundo“.

Reviews and references taken from the website: / wiki / Sedam_svetskih_čuda_novog_sveta

Edited by: MPG71


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