The impressive architectural buildings are old world wonders. There were seventh These are:

  • Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  • TEMPLE goddess Artemis
  • Mausoleum (Vault) at Halicarnassus
  • Colossus of Rhodes
  • Pyramids of Giza

Hanging Gardens of Babylon were built during the reign of King Nabuhodonosora (604th – 562nd BC), on request of Queen Semiramis. They were in the ancient city of Babylon on the banks of the Euphrates. In architectural terms were spiral gardens, terraced buildings, which could be artificially irrigated. P Approach gardens had the look of the theater. Hanging Gardens were lying on a four story tower.

Within each floor were sečvrsti vaults of tile, which relied on powerful, high pillars. The pillars were tall and up to 25m, allowing enough light for a number of exotic plants. Platform terrace were of massive stone slabs of various shapes, covered with reeds, and then sealed with asphalt. On this foundation was poured a thick layer of fertile soil. Floors gardens were connected to the stairs, and covered with tiles of pink and white. The sprinkling of these gardens were a hundred slaves is secured polevanje all day hauling water from the Euphrates by the system of levers and pumps.

When the Great conquered Babylon Alekasandar, 333 BC, hanging gardens were already collapsed.

Excavations are nastvljaju. Archaeologists are still searching for the hanging gardens, near the Euphrates, because they feel they are found closer to river. Recent excavations revealed in this sector is a channel for bringing water from the Euphrates, which leads to the assumption that this position, however unlikely.

ZEUS STATUE is another wonder of the world. The statue was located in the town of Olympia, on the west coast of modern Greece, about 150 miles west of Athens. The statue is the height of beauty and wonder deserved the name. The famous statue of Zeus was the last work of the sculptor Phidias Hellenic by the 456th BC made a place for the church in the northwest Peloponnese.

Although since it has no trace, other evidence is that the statue sculpted in ivory and wood abonosovom, richly decorated with gold and precious stones. Base of the statue was 6.5 m wide and 1 m high. Height of the statue was 13 feet – as the present four-story building. The statue was so high that visitors described the throne more than Zeus and his sculpture. Socket throne was decorated with carved sphinxes and winged figures of Victory, statues of Greek gods Apollo, Artemis and Niobine children, and mythical creatures. The head was located Zevsovoj wreath of olive twigs. In his left hand there was a scepter with an eagle on top, and his clothes were decorated with carvings of animals and lilies. Zeus was presented with a somber brow to all Olympus trembles. This wonder of the world is not saved.

TEMPLE goddess Artemis is the largest and most complex temple built in ancient times as a shrine in Ephesus, the Greek goddess of hunting, Artemis, nature and fertility. It was built by Cretan architect Hersifron from Knossos, under the auspices of King Kreza. According to the historian Pliny, the temple of Artemis was located at today’s Alasoluka.

The temple was the area of ​​73 x 141 m, is decorated with 137 pillars, which were wearing the temple in two rows and was four times larger than the Parthenon in Athens. He is a symbol and decoration of Ephesus in Asia Minor. Temple of Artemis was built of marble. The temple was surrounded by mermenim stairs that led up to the terrace. The roof of his favored large stone pillars, high by 20 meters. The temple was a religious institution, and served as a market. In the temple are kept some of the great works of Greek artists. The temple was burned 356.godine BC, lighted by a mental patient named Herostrat. He quickly restored to its full beauty. Renewed temple was destroyed by the Goths 262nd BC in his conquest, but they saved some works of art some of which are located in the British Museum in London.

His remains are definitely missing in the swampy soil.

Mausoleum (Vault) was built at Halicarnassus in Asia Minor in the Persian province of Caria. It is a tombstone, which became his life had built 360 BC Carian King Mausoleum, but he died before the completion of construction, and completed the work his wife Artemisium.

This building was so extraordinary and magnificent that today any monumental tomb is called by its name „mausoleum“. The mausoleum was built on an area of ​​pravouganoj 33 x 39 I was high 50 m. There are five steps bore wall, which aid amounted to half the entire height of the mausoleum. The wall is worn above the colonnade of ionic pillars which stood the pyramids – Stepped roof. This grand building was adorned with a big four-in-hand with the statues of the king and queen.

Mausoleum at Halicarnassus was not preserved, because it destroyed the Knights Order of St. Ivana in the 14th century, by using it as a quarry to build St. Peter Castle.

Colossus of Rhodes

The famous Colossus of Rhodes has no authentic data, but tradition says that the inhabitants of Rhodes statue of their patron rained, the sun god Helios, after the victory over the Macedonian king Demetrius Poliokretom.
They picked up enemy weapons and equipment, melt them and used for casting the statue. It is a bronze statue about 45 and 70 tons heavy. It was built about 12 years. Colossi outpouring led by the sculptor Kares, 291 BC dominated the statue at the entrance to the harbor. After 50 years, Rhodes was devastating earthquake shook the Colossus statue and fell into the sea.

FAROSKI Lighthouse began to be built around 283.godine BC on the island of Pharos, Alexandria harbor front. Legend has it that the Greek architect Sostrat built this great tower on the basis of glass. Sostrat has long sought a material that would be durable in sea water and finally placed the giant tower blocks of huge glass.

It is believed that, above a rectangular base, an octagonal tower was almost 200 meters high. At its highest platform, every night is a fire burning under which they operate ships at the entrance to the harbor. Faroski lighthouse was considered the greatest technical achievement and architectural success of the old century.

The lighthouse was destroyed 1375th in the earthquake.

PYRAMID at Giza were built some 4,500 years ago as tombs for pharaohs and their families. The pyramids are built of heavy stone blocks up to several tons. They have a square base, whose four sides at the top end in the same crown. Inside the pyramid there is room for a sarcophagus.

No accurate data on the construction of the way, how to build lasting and how many people participate in it. According to Herodotus, the „father of history“ cčvene pyramid at Giza – Khufu, and Kefrenova Mikerinova were built between the 2650th and 2550th BC According to the document, which he made the stories collected on his journeys, preparations for building the Great Pyramid took 10 years, a development about 20 years and participated in about 100 000 workers. Spent over two million stone blocks. The high was 146 m.

Slaves, who built was exposed to the enormous efforts, serious suffering and mistreatment of works supervisor. There is a dissenting opinion researcher Paul Ripper, who has long dealt with piramidama.On believes that Herodotus exaggerated the data and believe that the people who built it were happy and honored to take part in this project.

The pyramids are the only architectural wonder of the world of the old era, which still defy time and will remain in place long after our time.
Edited by: MPG71



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