Machu Picchu (translated as „old peaks“) is the holy city of the majestic Inca Empire. It is situated at an altitude of 2350 meters above sea level, the highest part of the eastern Andes, on the eastern slopes of the Urubamba mountain range. Machu Picchu is an excellent position. Located in one of the most beautiful and wildest area of ​​the Andes, above a granite top. It is very rough terrain, as on three sides by deep ravines are over 500 m. Below it are high Andean plateau, the river and the Amazon area of ​​prašume.Ima 32,500 hectares.

Machu Picchu was discovered in the 1911th year. It was discovered by American Hajra Bingham.

It is believed that such property was built for the emperor Pachacutija (1438th-1472.) And religious refuge or as a secret ceremonial city. The powerful army of the Inca built irrigation canals, and paved roads, and construction workers built the fort, temples and monumental stone buildings. Archaeologists claim that Machu Picchu was a city in the classical sense, because they found the remains of administration, commerce or military utrvrđenja.

Machu Picchu is located amidst lush vegetation, irrigated by rivers. The city has a large central square around which was built about two hundred buildings located on the terraces. There are also a terrace outside the inhabited part, with the irrigation channels. In St. district has three main buildings: Intihuatana – sundial, the sun temple – triangular building and room with three windows.

The city center is a granite monolith, which may have been an altar, characteristic of the Incas, and perhaps the observatory. The walls of Machu Picchu are built of huge stone blocks. The blocks are perfectly cut. This is very interesting and unexplained to this day when we know that the Incas did not know the wheel or iron tools.

Archaeologists and historians believe that the city was abandoned before the Spanish conquered the Inca empire, the people were mowed the disease and at the end of civil war.

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  1. wakeupwithsmile kaže:

    „City in the sky“ 🙂

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    Baš tako, grad na nebu. Veličanstven je.

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