Natural Monument „Devil’s Town“ is located in southern Serbia, the mountain Radan, 30 km away from Kuršumlija and 288 km from Belgrade. This area is a strange name and even čudnijeg looks, with a group of spindle poles covered with stone caps – earthen pyramids.

Clay figures, as well as specific forms of relief, the space look very atraktivno.U hinterland pyramids steeply rising section of erosive amphitheater with colorful rocks as evidence of strong volcanic activity in the geological past. The environment around the clay figures seems harsh, almost mystical, and in the wider environment lively and gentle, and the remains of villages, old churches, cemeteries, and some interesting mining pits.

Džavolju town consists of two rare natural phenomena: the clay figures and two sources of highly acidic water with high mineralization. One source rises high above the ravine and the Hell’s popularly known Devil’s water. Another source is red hot, which comes out on the right bank of Yellow creek, but the weaker mineralization and acidity. The phenomena of this water are very rare in the world.

These two phenomena are Djavolja Varos real world wonder of nature. That is why a candidate for the election of seven new wonders of the world, initiated by Swiss private agency. The vote was taken via the Internet.

National traditions say that the poles represent God’s punishment petrified wedding. The story of the petrified wedding has multiple versions. One of them says, by order of the evil one, people decided to get married at all costs born brother and sister. To prevent this from happening again interfered God’s power, that they were punished so petrified to ever testify that no sin will go unpunished.

The story of the petrified wedding has a different version. She says that, by order of the evil one, people decided to get married at all costs born brother and sister. To prevent this from happening again interfered God’s power, which was thus left to ever testify that no sin will go unpunished.

There is another legend. One day, according to legend, harsh aga gathered a very strong army destroyed a village in the area Džavolje town and its people turned into stone towers. Their souls, trapped in stone, still alive.

Science explains that the creation of man caused the Devil’s town KECECI forest and clearing the way for the devastating effects of erosion.

The stone blocks on top of the pillars serve as umbrellas, but the torrent of water continues to pass between the pieces, washed and ground to make the pillars eventually become higher; poles grow, change and go places.

Džavolja town is located within the tourist complex. The attraction of earth pillars istknuta the light by the LED technology with 28 different colors.

Devil’s attractiveness lies in the town appears bizarre forms of relief, by its appearance, size, abundance and rarity of the natural position of European and world importance and attracted the attention of tourists, scientists and educators and artists.

Devil’s Town The site was placed under state protection is the 1959th year, in 1995. Regulation is the Serbian government declared a natural reserve of great importance and placed into the first category of protection – natural monument. A total of protected 67 ha. Currently, the RS government’s request for protection is 1014 ha.

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