Colosseum in Rome, the amphitheater. His original name „Flavian Amphitheatre“. In the Coliseum were held gladiator fights and fights with animals. It was a magnificent complex of building and sculpture, which served a number of spectacles. They were also held with real sea battle ships, then the arena was completely filled with water. Channel for the flow of water is still below the church of St. Clement near the Colosseum. Spectacles could see 60,000 spectators, 50,000 could be seated and 10,000 standing. It was built so that in case of fire may be discharged for 10 minutes. Construction began in the reign of Emperor Vespasian and was completed ten years later during the reign of his son Domitian.

Colosseum was built in the form of cylindrical bodies in an elliptical floor plan. The seats are slanted down to the arena. Wall mantle almost disappeared in the arcade openings, which he analyzed in three floors and corridors through which they receive light and air. They are decorated with sculptures. The narrow parts of the wall are highlighted polustubovima, pilasters and upper mantle. He was even a retractable roof of canvas. Three-story facade of him. The ground floor is built in the Doric style, the first floor of the Ionian, and Corinthian in the second floor. That was followed by the emergence of the order of these styles in Greece.

Author: MPG71


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