The current state of the environment is a limiting factor for the development of Pancevo, which is classified as one of the environmental hot spots in the Republic of Serbia.

Pollution has led and leads to excessive environmental degradation , and thus to damage to health of inhabitants of the municipality and the surrounding area. The most important problems in environmental protection are:

  •  air pollution;
  • water pollution;
  • soil pollution;
  • endangered biodiversity;
  • Traffic noise;
  • Impairment of human health.

The main causes of such environmental conditions are:

  • concentration of chemical industrial base and manufacturing;
  • the use of outdated technologies and equipment;
  • proximity to industrial zones settlements;
  • disadvantage of industrial zones in relation to the settlements, the river Danube, akvasistem etc.;
  • occasional large-scale chemical accidents;
  • activities in Port „Danube“;
  • inadequate maintenance of the industrial canal Azotara;
  • inadequate or insufficient safeguards in the southern industrial zone;
  • lack of protection of the Danube River in front of the water flows from the industrial canal;
  • irregular operation of facilities for waste water from the southern industrial zone;
  •  inadequate transport solutions;
  • three power plants, boilers and furnaces in individual households;
  • consequences of the NATO bombing;
  • lack of adequate waste management;
  • non-compliance with legislation in the field of environmental protection.

Environmental Assessment Pancevo based on relevant environmental indicators and environmental indicators. Environmental indicators are of special importance because they allow:

  • simplification of environmental problems;
  • quantification;
  • communication.

Important indicators and environmental indicators related to:

  • Air pollution;
  • Wastewater management;
  • Waste management;
  • Transport as a polluter of the environment;
  • Green space;
  • Food safety;
  • Population Health Status

Author: MPG71


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