Nature Park is an area which as a whole represents a significant part of the preserved nature and a healthy environment , well-preserved natural properties of water, air and land, the prevailing natural ecosystem degradation, and no major changes in landscape character.

Mountain Area Golija Radocelo put under protection as a nature park called „Golija“ 2001. year („Off. Gazette“ no. 45/2001). Nature Park has an area of ​​75,183 ha and is classified in the category of protection as a natural resource of great importance Decree of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

Golija Park is a mountainous area, which includes within its borders Mt Golija Radocelo and a small portion of the mountain Čemerno. Golija Tara mountain with a tertiary flora refuge in Serbia. Of particular importance as a center of genetic, species and ecosystem diversity in the Balkans and Europe.

Part of the Nature Park with its natural resources to fully meet the criteria for nomination for Biosphere Reserve by the MAB program (Program „Man and Biosphere“). By Commission of UNESCO, October 2001. year, part of the Nature Park „Golija“ proclaimed the Biosphere Reserve „Golija-Studenica“ area 53,804 ha.

Park Golija is made of natural, cultural and functionally related and natural landscape units, which are aimed at the efficient planning and implementation of protective measures in several sub-areas razganičene or locality. The park is in a zone designated three levels of protection, 18 sites under strict protection degree (554 ha or 0.74%), 20 second degree under the regime of protection (3883 ha or 5.16%) and the other area is under protection level III (70,746 ha or 94.1%).

Protection regime and the degree of natural habitats have been included scarcity of plant and animal species and specific plant communities, which are an important element of the core values ​​of the protected area, sensitive ecosystems, peat, lake Dajićko, Košanin lake, spring and Golijske Studeničke rivers, waterfalls and rivers Izubre .

Table 1 Localities and degree of protection for the Nature Park „Golija“

The sites and degree of protection Surface
Beneath the stone Jankovog 60.80
Pasha fountain 0.20
Karali 34.00
Guidance 63.60
Peat in the White Water 15.20
Dajićko Lake 1.00
Arson 60.80
Košanin Lake 26.80
Crepuljnik 65.80
Izubra 66.10
Above angry meadows 27.60
Black River 28.80
Radulovac 4.00
The source of the river 0.20
Hermitage 20.50
Radocelo 44.00
Plakaonica 24.80
Plane 32.40

Source: „Srbija“, Belgrade

Mode II degree of protection encompasses the area where you need greater participation of men in order to secure conditions for the survival and enhancement of natural values.

Table 2 Sites II degree of protection for the Nature Park „Golija“

Sites II degree of protection Surface
Jankov kamen 390.20
Mountain battles 133.95
Jelic lumber 12.00
Golijska River 851.00
Medjugorje stream 390.20
White water 84.40
Dajići 55.80
Eagle rock 132.35
Under Crepuljnikom 362.10
Brusničke forests 194.60
Ugljare 52.80
Hot meadows 282.00
Vlach bridge 231.20
Dry Beach 25.60
Odvracenica 29.00
Gradina 226.70
Radocelo II 82.40
Plakaonica II 86.80
Rarely Bučje 134.80

Source: „Srbija“, Belgrade

The selective and limited use of natural resources and controlled interventions and activities in space that are consistent with the function of protected natural resource, is allowed in the third degree of protection.

The degree of protection and all activities are prohibited except for scientific research. II level of protection includes measures are only allowed certain activities to protect natural values, cultural monuments and traditional way of life. The construction of industrial facilities, and allowed uskljađen ecotourism with the measures of protection and rehabilitation of existing villages and hamlets in the traditional style. For Level III protection measures stipulated allow the construction of the park access roads, entrance gates, the development of households, the construction of scientific research stations, development of tourist facilities, parking and so on.

Park Golija area includes the municipalities FC (41,755 ha or 55.5%), Kraljevo (12,049 ha or 16.1%), Raska (12,623 ha or 16.8%), Novi Pazar (5891 ha or 7.8%) and Arbour (2865 ha or 3.8%).

The PP „Golija“ forest is 39,528 ha or 53% of the total area of ​​the park. In the privately owned 18,460 ha or 46.7%, while state and social ownership is 21,068 ha or 53.3%. Within the borders of nature park lacks both urban and rural settlement, 32

Serbian Government to determine the nature park guardian is the Public Enterprise for Forest Management „Srbija“ in Belgrade.

JP „Srbija“, as guardian, in the performance of the protection and development of the Nature Park provides: Implementation of the Program of protection and development; implement prescribed regime of protection and conservation of natural resources, internal order and guard service, scientific, cultural, educational, informative Any advertising and other activities. Immediate tasks of guardianship on the ground carried out three forest farms: FE „Golija“ FC, FE FE Kraljevo and Raska.

National Strategy for Sustainable Development of Serbia set the goals, which are unique mountain Golija, as well as other parts of the country with zavidinim natural resources, preserve and improve, to ensure the continued development of natural resources of the state.

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