Significant natural resources are Pancevo Municipality:

  • Agricultural land;
  • Forests and forest land;
  • Water ;
  • Mineral resources

Agricultural Land

Agriculture is the primary activity in the municipality of Pancevo, which is characterized by extensive use of space. Pancevo on agricultural resources is one of the wealthier municipalities in Serbia, with a relatively high degree of stability and the total arable agricultural land. Agricultural Land occupies 63 322 ha, which is 83.87% of the territory of the municipality. The largest area occupied by fields and gardens (58,981 ha), followed by pasture (2415 ha), meadow (564 ha) of orchards (474 ​​ha) and vineyards (168 ha), and the rest of the ponds, swamps and marshes (720 ha ).

The territory of the municipality of Pancevo for the most part belongs to the crop-livestock makrorejonu with significant advantages, because this has the possibility makrorejon irrigation of agricultural land, and thus the extraordinary economic potential for efficient and versatile crop, vegetable and livestock production.

Forests and woodland

In the municipality of Pancevo area under forests is 12 925 ha. Woodlands managed forests „Banat“ in the „Vojvodinašume“.

The forest is a renewable natural resource, has a direct impact on the climate and water regime from which it derives a number of its important functions:

  • It protects the soil from erosion;
  • Purifies the air ;
  • Improves overall microclimate conditions;
  • Is indispensable in reducing the temperature difference;
  • Protects buildings and premises from flooding;
  • Health, aesthetic and recreational functions;
  • An important factor for biodiversity;
  • The source of material goods through the offerings, which gives the wood, wildlife and other forest products

Forest land is significantly reduced under natural conditions and objective needs.

  New forest area and average density in Pancevo, 2006.

In forests sawmills, ha Forested area, ha Felled broadleaved, m 3 Technical wood, m 3
70.37 12 925 39 207 73

Source: Municipalities in Serbia 2007, Statistical Office, Belgrade, 2008.

Existing wooded areas in the municipality of Pancevo are highly degraded and in need of urgent measures for their rehabilitation. It is also necessary to translate coppice forests in the higher training system. Road Reserve atarskih roads have largely been seized, so that safety belts with this type are almost no roads.

On the island there are Štefanac natural stands of old trees, white and black poplar, which are rare in the flooded areas in Serbia.

With the waterways of the Danube, Tamis, hope and Ponjavica partial forest vegetation is very degraded.

In the area Glogonj and Apples, a watercourse with a predominantly woods Tamis from fresh appeal Salicion although all suffered major anthropogenic impact. Prevalent species of the genus Salih sp. including some species of Populus sp., Ulmus effusa, Alnus glutinosa, Salix shrub layer in triandra, S. purpurea, Cornus sanguinea, Crataegus nigra … poplar, willow, effuse Ulmus, Fraxinus angustifolia, Quercus robur and so on.

Natural Resources

In the municipality of Pancevo, there are three protected natural areas:

  • Ponjavica Nature Park (pronounced built: 1995.)
  • Natural Monument l three trees and white ash in Dolovi (promulgated 1999).;
  • Nature Chestnut Spomnik © urđ ways in Pancevo (declared 2007.)

In the area of ​​Banat Brestovac Omoljica and is a protected natural area, a landscape of special purpose, nature park Ponjavica third category-one of the last surviving indigenous communities, in addition to the basic purpose of scientific research has a role, the possibility of monitoring wildlife, and through the test organisms enabled is to monitor the quality of the environment.

In the process of putting the protection of the tree crvenolisne beech and oak trees in two Omoljica. The proposal is to consider the possibility that parts Potamišja (residues Glogonjskog Jabučkog and Rita) and the Danube ade (Stefanac, Čakljanac, Forkontumac, Ivanovačka and Brestovačka ada) be placed under protection.


Water is an important element of the natural resources of the municipality of Pancevo. These are, first of all, flows the River Danube, Tamis and Nadel, and the canal system in the northeastern part (the Danube-Tisa-Danube) and large reserves of drinking water subarterske.

The settlements are supplied with water from local sources of groundwater and surface water. In periods when the local water sources can not meet the needs of the population, provide the necessary amounts from large regional systems.

For technological purposes is used water from rivers.

Mineral resources

In the municipality there are accumulations of young sediments. Determined by the clay, gravel and sand. Minerlne economically significant raw materials are gravel and sand.

Author: MPG71


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