Year of the 2011th declared the International Year of Forests of the United Nations to raise awareness about the protection and maintenance of forests for present and future generations.

The overarching goals of utilization and cultivation of forests are:

  • Improvement of forests;
  • Afforestation;
  • Use according to ecological principles.

Improvement of noise can be achieved by translating the coppice into high forest. Increase in area under forest can be carried out on agricultural land VI, VII and VIII quality class, in the border zones of industrial buildings and roads, in areas of water sources and tailings ponds.

Constant pressure on forest resources. Therefore it is necessary to prevent a planned implementation of harmful decisions of other sectors (transport, finance, etc.), which may result in undesirable degradation of forests. Strict application of the legislation with adequate assessment of environmental impact and more effective inter-agency cooperation will act preventively in the proper development, care and conservation of forest biocenoses, forest land, the entire flora and fauna.

Forest management planning, with respect to multifunctionality, in accordance with the Law on Forests of the Republic of Serbia, the implementation of planned works on the protection, cultivation and utilization, will achieve the objectives of forestry development, and they are:

  • Enlarge the area of ​​high and continuous stands of planning;
  • Improving the age structure of forests;
  • Scheduled completion for reforestation;
  • Reducing noise neglect brightening and cleaning;
  • Provision of better forest health;
  • Protection of forest reserves from illegal logging, pests, insects, plant diseases, fire;
  • Better balance, abundance, quality and protection of fauna as a whole;
  • The health of forest ecosystems stability, better conditions of use of total resources;
  • Organized and controlled the collection and cultivation of forest products (fruits and mushrooms and herbs);
  • Maintenance and improvement especially valuable parts of nature;
  • Comprehensive conservation and protection of areas of the park „Golija“;
  • Preservation of ecological balance;
  • Use of forests and forest areas for recreation, hunting and enrich the tourist offer in the construction of cultural and recreational purposes, health facilities and hunting;
  • Increasing the number of qualified persons employed in forestry and hunting and to promote professional guard service;
  • Planning and construction of small plants for the processing of medicinal plants and wild fruits and mushrooms (choice of products for which there is demand in the domestic and foreign markets).

Expected outcomes of forest management planning are:

  • Reconstructed forest types and the corresponding high-quality indigenous species;
  • Properly cultivated forests;
  • Properly used wood.

Forest management planning and vanšumskim vegetation in accordance with the Law on Forests, will be achieved following development goals:

  • Prescribed a comprehensive forest management;
  • The preservation of existing forests and vegetation vanšumskog;
  • Forest protection;
  • Reforestation of forest land;
  • Establishment of new forests in areas of forest land and the area around the roads and the like;
  • Proper use of forests to timber cutting would not have exceeded the scope of reforestation.

Author: MPG71

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